Business Spotlight

Philly Cells

a one-stop shop for the community's cellular needs

Philly Cells

4942 North 5th St Street

Philadelphia, PA 19120

(267) 766-3953


“From when we started 7 years ago to now, 5th Street is coming up and we hope it keeps going up!” Sam, owner of Philly Cells at 4942 N 5th St., shared with us. He aims to provide a one-stop shop for the community’s cellular needs. The business operators here are committed to building meaningful connections with community members. Karthik, one of the employees, says he loves to interact with customers and other business owners, to establish a positive reputation, and be a good neighbor. On any day, you can find them speaking Spanish with customers or grabbing breakfast from a local bakery. They also work to assist customers after they’ve made a purchase. Often times people have questions about their phone’s feature or navigating a news system and Sam and Karthik take their time to assist.

“It’s stunning, what we’re faced with. We have nonprofit organizations on the ground. We need to rally support and bring resources to them immediately,” says Sam, owner of Philly Cells. Sam loves to communicate with other business owners, not only to keep pulse on happenings in the community, but also to support each others’ businesses, and exchange resources. “Corporations are going to have to step up to address the resources that will be needed during the crisis, post-crisis, and even going forward indefinitely. But also it is vital that we support each other, and provide for our own community members.”

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