Set up shop on North 5th!

North Fifth Street is hopping!

Whether you are thinking about opening your first business, purchasing an existing one, opening up a franchise, expanding your existing business to Olney, we have a spot for you! What makes North 5th Street perfect for setting up shop in our residents, who want to explore different foods, goods, and services and are proud to call Olney home. Come visit us and find out why North 5th is just what you need for your business.

Find a space

North 5th Street’s maintains a robust 90% occupancy rate which means that empty storefronts fill up quick once they’re on the market. Click the link below to see regularly updated property listings and find the storefront with the right amenities and location for your business. If you have questions about a particular block or wonder what type of business would flourish in a given location, reach out to us at 267-331-9091  and we’ll give you our honest opinion.

How we can help your business

The North 5th Street Revitalization Project is here to support business owners and managers at every stage of your business’ growth. We can assist you with opening, growing and strengthening your enterprise. We help with commercial property availability, serve as a resource for municipal approvals, services and ordinances, and we assist promotional events like grand openings. We provide one on one assistance to business who want to take advantage of Philadelphia’s Storefront Improvement Program and Business Security Camera Program. Find out more by exploring our business resources link and contact us today!

Hire Local Employees to Help Your Business Grow

We maintain a local jobs board where you can post open positions and recruit qualified candidates from right here in the neighborhood. New to hiring? Our staff can help connect you to resources and help get you answers to all the questions that come up as you make this critical step to grow your business.

We promote North 5th Street

Our revitalization program produces promotional programs and cultural events throughout the year, all designed to create a buzz and bring shoppers to North Fifth Street. Restaurant tours, jazz nights in Fisher Park, and positive media coverage drive traffic to North 5th!

Our events

Whether you’re looking for family fun, outdoor activities or big street festivals with live music and street food, the North Fifth Street Revitalization Project hosts a series of events fit for every fun seeker! Check out our calendar of events by clicking the Events link at the top of the page.

New businesses are locating here

We are continuously launching new programs and services to support business and property owners to promote our commercial corridor to neighborhood residents. Our commercial corridor is a success story in Philadelphia, as we continue to stimulate commerce and evoke civic pride. We’re building momentum, and our corridor shows the difference.

Sign up for our Merchant announcments

We circulate an email newsletter at least once a month to anyone on our Merchant Announcement mailing list. Our Merchant Announcements include important meeting invitations, workshop listings, district news, and information on grants and resources that you can take advantage of.  Sign up at the bottom of this page.

Come for a visit

You are welcome to visit our offices at 5738 N. 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19120. We are happy to show you around the neighborhood, and introduce you to some of our merchants, so you can see for yourself all that is happening here.