Business Resources

The North 5th Street Revitalization Project offers a variety of services to help your North 5th Street business grow, stay safe, and even improve its storefront.

Find a Storefront on North 5th Street

N5SRP regularly updates its list of for rent and for sale commercial properties on the 4800 – 6000 blocks of North 5th Street. Click here to view our most up to date property listing and find a spot that’s perfect for your business.

Beautify Your Business

An attractive and inviting storefront brings in new customers to purchase goods and services and ring your cash register. A snazzy storefront is the best investment you can make!

Storefront Improvement Program

The Storefront Improvement Program reimburses businesses and property owners for 50% of the cost of improvements they make to their storefronts (up to $10,000 for single address properties and $15,000 for multiple-address and corner properties).  Since 2008, N5SRP has helped over 12 North 5th Street businesses take advantage of SIP to give their business a facelift and increase business revenue. You must submit an application through N5SRP and receive City approval before making any improvements for reimbursement. Be the next business to take advantage of SIP by contacting N5SRP today!

Graffiti Removal

The City’s Graffiti Abatement Taskforce is fast at removing graffiti, whether on your property, on another person’s property or on public property. Download the Philly 3-11 app to your smartphone or tablet and report graffiti complaints within seconds. You can also dial 3-1-1 (or 215-686-8686) to speak with a live representative or email complaints to

Fund Your Business

Grant Funding

N5SRP consolidates and supports businesses with applications to local, state, and national grant programs. We regularly recommend businesses to apply for grant products. Stay in touch with us to learn about grants that can benefit your business.

Philadelphia Business Lending Network

There are a number of organizations in the City who provide flexible funding options for businesses. The Philadelphia Business Lending Network (PBLN) streamlines the process of inquiring about loan products through a one-stop form. In addition, the PBLN Incentive Grant provides a grant of up to $35,000, or up to 50%, for approved loan products.

Secure Your Business

Business Security Camera Program

The Business Security Camera Program (BSCP) reimburses businesses and property owners for 75% of the cost (up to $3,000) for cameras they install on the outside of their properties. In the past years, N5SRP has helped over 8 businesses on North 5th Street save thousands of dollars and improve their safety by taking advantage of this program. You must submit an application through N5SRP and receive City approval before installing any equipment for reimbursement. Contact N5SRP today to find out how you can apply!

Police Logs

The 35th Police District conducts foot beats on our corridor as part of their community policing initiative. Business owners can request that officers stop into their businesses when they are on the corridor. If you would like to request a police log book, please get in touch with us!

Request 1-on-1 Support

Not sure where to start? N5SRP works with a network of partners across the City, providing a wide range of services to small business owners. We can make a plan with you to access the support that you need. Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your business!