COVID-19 Resources

North 5th friends and neighbors, while we collectively navigate this uncertain time and make changes to our daily lives to limit the spread of COVID-19 and associated risk in Philadelphia, the well-being of the Olney community continues to be our top priority. This webpage contains information and resources for our neighbors and businesses that have been impacted by this unprecedented public health crisis. 

While we are taking every precaution to guarantee our collective health and safety by working remotely during this time, we are making every effort to continue to serve as a reliable and accessible community resource. As always, we are here to provide support to our neighbors, and can be reached by phone, email, or on social media.

Text COVIDPHL to 888-777 to receive text updates from the City of Philadelphia

Stay Informed

As we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, it can be difficult and overwhelming to stay up to date on all of the news and information about the situation, and to know what we should be doing to keep ourselves and our community safe.

The best place to start is to know the basics, try not to panic, stay home if you can, and wash your hands!

Overview of COVID-19 from the City of Philadelphia

Common symptoms of coronavirus include fever, cough, shortness of breath, and fatigue, and generally occur 2-14 days after exposure to the virus through close contact.

If you notice these symptoms, contact your doctor, or call the Philadelphia COVID-19 Helpline at 1-800-722-7112.

Most people who get the coronavirus will recover by simply staying home, resting, and drinking plenty of water. Though most who are exposed to the virus are not at high risk for its more serious complications, it is our responsibility to minimize its spread by practicing social distancing (minimizing trips outside, staying away from crowds, and staying 6 feet away from others) to protect our neighbors who are more vulnerable. It is important to note that you can be a carrier of the virus even if you are not showing symptoms.

As of Monday, March 23rd, a citywide Stay at Home Order is effective until further notice. Please be mindful of these restrictions, and follow social distancing rules when leaving your home for essential personal activities.


We urge you to continue to take every precaution to keep yourself and your communities safe and healthy. Please reach out if you have any specific questions or concerns about this ongoing situation – we are here to support you and point you to specific resources as needed. We look forward to seeing you back on 5th Street! | 267-331-9091 | Facebook | Instagram

Community Resources

As this situation develops, we are all dealing with significant change and uncertainty in our daily lives. In these difficult times, it is crucial for us to practice community care, and do what we can to look out for and support each other, especially our most vulnerable neighbors, and local small businesses. It is on this foundation of mutual care and aid that we will later be able to best recover from this shock to our community.

If you are well, and able to help your neighbors, now is a great time to check in to see if they need help getting groceries, medication, supplies, or just need someone to talk to! While this situation impacts all of us, it can be especially stressful for our neighbors who are immuno-compromised, disabled, elderly, or chronically ill. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to knock on some doors, or leave a note, and get to know and offer support to your neighbors (while still keeping a safe distance!)

If you need help, ask! Community members across the City are eager to help you, to guarantee that we can all make it through this difficult time together.

You can request help from, or volunteer time and resources to neighbors across the city using The Philadelphia Mutual Aid Network.

Again, if you have specific questions and concerns about the situation you are dealing with, the N5SRP team is ready to support you and point you to any resources that you may need in this time.

The City of Philadelphia is continuously monitoring the situation, and providing updates. While non-essential city services have been halted, essential city services are still in operation.

The City is providing free, nutritious food for anyone facing challenges during the crisis. Residents can pick up food boxes (lasts up to five days) for their households, as well as meals for youth impacted by school closures. No ID required.

Business and Employee Resources

The City of Philadelphia has placed a restriction on commercial business activity. Make sure you are aware of and are prepared to comply with these closures and restrictions until further notice. Business owners with questions about whether or not business restrictions affect them should email

If your business is still able to be in full or partial operation, please actively encourage employees who are sick, or have been in contact with people who are sick, to stay home, and perform routine environmental cleaning in your business. Please be familiar with recommendations and health standards from the CDC for businesses and employers.

The City recognizes the serious economic impact of these closures on our small businesses. The Department of Commerce and PIDC are asking business owners to fill out a brief survey that will help them better provide aid to you and your business during and after these closures.

Additionally, there are a number of financial relief grants and emergency resources that you can apply for to help you, your fellow employees, and your business. As always, N5SRP staff is here to assist you with applications.

Financial Relief Resources

For Business Owners

Verizon-LISC Small Business Recovery Grant
(Round 2 of applications open until Tuesday, April 28th)

Philadelphia Emergency Fund for Stabilization of Early Education (for Childcare Providers)

Hello Alice COVID-19 Business for All Emergency Grant (and continued technical assistance)

Small Business Administration Economic Injury Disaster Loan


For Workers

Restaurant Strong Fund (for full-time restaurant, bar, cafe, or nightclub employees)

One Fair Wage Emergency Fund (for Service Workers)
(As funding becomes available)

USBG National Charity Foundation Bartender Emergency Assistance Program

File for unemployment if you are unable to work



Small businesses are a crucial part of our community, and your regulars are missing you as much as you miss them. Stay in touch with your customers, and tell them how they can help you!

Slowing the impact of COVID-19 on your small business 

Sell virtual gift certificates through Kabbage to access funds now that customers can spend later

Preventing the Spread of Germs

Preventative actions recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Neighborhood Food Sites

Food share sites open Monday and Thursday, 10am–12pm
Student meal sites open Monday and Thursday, 9am–12pm