Chameleon Creations Hair Studio

"Good Vibes, Good Energy, and Good Hair"

Chameleon Creations Hair Studio

5726 N 5th St
Philadelphia, PA 19120


Good Vibes, Good Energy, and Good Hair

Power Up Your Business is a free program within Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) that is open to all businesses across Philadelphia. Power Up Your Business is a FREE, neighborhood-based approach to support small business owners to give them the tools they need to grow their business and help communities thrive. Crystal Scott was one of many business owners, who had the opportunity to experience such a program.

Crystal Scott is the owner of Chameleon Creations Hair Studio. Chameleon Creations, is a business that is not only friendly but has great energy, is comfortable, and feels like home. Scott’s hair studio is open to all ethnicities and genders and has been flourishing for years with loyal customers. Although her business was thriving, Crystal wanted to take her business to the next level. She wanted to focus on her business appearance, her finances, and her social media but she didn’t know where to begin. As a result of one on one consultations with North 5th St Revitalization Project (N5SRP), Crystal decided to apply for the Power Up program through CCP. N5SRP referred Crystal and 4 other North 5th Street Business owners to the Power Up program.

After completing the program, Crystal gained a new level of awareness and learned so many new things! Crystal gained the knowledge of great tools available to small business owners such as where to get grants and loans and so much more. This information was vital for her since it gave her access to information she didn’t have before. She also learned about taxes and how her accountant should properly do them. Lastly, Scott learned how her business should be presented. She needed to promote her business online for people to know about it.

After gaining these new tool of how to take her business to the next level, Scott started implementing these changes. She got new signage for her storefront to help reinforce her company’s brand. She started to encourage client testimonials on Google to strengthen her business. As well as taking pictures for her social media account among other improvements.

In addition, Scott’s business on North 5th Street has grown tremendously since she has been on the diverse bustling commercial corridor. She improved her business, grew her client base and learned new things about building her company. We’re glad to have Chameleon Creations Hair Studio as one of our businesses on North 5th street! To learn more about Chameleon Creations visit them at 5726 N. 5th St. or check them out on instagram. Check out Crystal at Chameleon Creations for good vibes, good energy and good hair!!