Pandería Mexicana El Trébol

"Our family loves Olney because of how diverse the community is"

Pandería Mexicana El Trébol

5052 North 5th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19120



Owners Miguel and Gregoria opened El Trébol in July of 2015 after they both had food service experience. Gregoria had the idea after working at the Columbian Bakery and living across the street near their current location. She met a realtor through the Columbian Bakery to acquire the property at 5052 N. 5th Street and it took off from there. The business is a Mexican Bakery that also makes food from Puebla, Mexico and drinks made fresh, in house. They offer dine-in and take out for people on the go. The bakery is really the only one in the area that’s Mexican owned with both a bakery and food service.


Alberto, the oldest son, shared that the family loves Olney because of how diverse the community is. There are always people out and about on the corridor, which provides the business with a lot of foot traffic without having to do much advertising. If just starting your business, Alberto stresses the importance of good employees. It is important to have a mentor or someone who has gone through that experience to guide you because the first year is a lot of work.


Pandería Mexicana El Trébol is a huge supporter of the Olney community; they give to N5SRP’s holiday events. Alberto hosted many food tours including visitors from all over the greater Philadelphia area. Stop in and grab some horchata, tacos, and/or conchas. If you’re there in the morning talk to Gregoria and Miguel; if you’re there in the afternoon talk to Alberto and Miguel.