striving to offer a boutique service in the screen printing industry

T-House Screenprinting Inc.

5040 North 5th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19120

(215) 236-9820


T-House Inc., located now at 5040 North 5th Street started in 1986 by the father, Sony. He was a Tae Kwon Do master, thought of the idea of making shirts and made it happen after coming to America, being inspired by his name in lights from the company, Sony.

T-House is a screen printing shop that sells to small mom and pop stores, schools, churches, and higher-end clothing brands. They mostly focus on printing but also help clients refine their ideas and work on design. T-House strives to offer a boutique service in the screen printing industry. The kids, Elisa and Stella and Sung, have followed in their father’s footsteps and are now running the store on North 5th Street and also work with their factory across the Boulevard. Elisa shared that it is so important to stand by and be proud of your work. It is obvious, from start to finish working with T-House that they all care deeply about their customers and their products. You walk in their store as a stranger and leave feeling like a family member.

T-House loves North 5th Street because it is a bustling corridor, with such a diverse community. They enjoy being on a business corridor with lots of foot traffic. The family has always been a big supporter of our community from donating to the Winter Festival, opening up their business to our partners, and assisting with our screen printing needs! It’s no secret why we want to spotlight their business again! Be sure and stop in to say “Hi” to their two office greeters, Ai and Toby.