Olney Relief Fund

As the City cautiously moves forward in phases of reopening since initial business restrictions were issued in response to the spread of COVID-19 in Philadelphia, we at the North 5th Street Revitalization Project want to stress that the health and safety of the Olney community continues to be our top priority. We urge our business owners, neighbors, and partners, to continue to take every precaution to keep themselves, their family and friends, and employees safe as we continue to navigate this challenging time.

N5SRP recognizes the severe economic impact that the past few months of business restrictions and Stay at Home Order have had on both our residential and business communities.  We are committed to continuing to serve as a community resource, and to working alongside our neighbors and partners to take steps toward our collective recovery.

One such step is the launch of the Olney Relief Fund. With support from Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Philadelphia, N5SRP is excited to launch a grant program that aims to support the small business community on North 5th Street. With your generosity, we will be able to provide financial assistance to businesses on our corridor as they begin to reopen. We thank you for making a donation that will help 5th Street continue to be a vibrant neighborhood corridor, and help our business community continue to serve you!

With over 330 active small businesses along the commercial corridor, North 5th Street not only serves as a vibrant space for commerce, but also for social and cultural exchange in Olney. According to a recent national survey, many small businesses will unfortunately not be able to reopen after the pandemic without financial support. Additionally, federal, state, and municipal funding sources have struggled to adequately provide financial support to the small businesses who need it most, particularly in low-moderate income neighborhoods.

While a number of our businesses have been able to take advantage of various financial relief opportunities that have been made available over the past months, these funding sources are highly competitive, and many of our businesses do not have access. We are grateful that these relief opportunities are able to support some of our businesses in reopening, and hope that we will be able to extend this necessary financial support to as many other business owners as possible through the Olney Relief Fund while our community continues its efforts to rebuild and heal. By distributing funds to local businesses, North 5th Street will be able to redistribute wealth to those who need it most.

For businesses in need of assistance, please complete the short application found HERE. If you need help completing the application, please contact us. Thank you!

with support from Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Philadelphia