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We're so glad you're joining us today to taste the international flavors of North 5th Street in Olney. In just one neighborhood you can try the foods of Korea, Vietnam, China, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, and America’s South along with classic Philly favorites.

Scroll along this mobile-friendly guide as we stop at each destination. We’ve also added some notable mentions of other eateries and some photos of our revitalization accomplishments which we’ll explain along the way. For our other online food tours, head here.

Special thanks to PACDC for partnering with us on this tour!

Destination: Korea

Korean Chinese Restaurant

441 Chew Ave

(At 5th and Chew next to the produce market)



Chajangmyon – Noodles served with onion & pork in black bean sauce Jamppong – Noodles served with shrimp, squid & veggies in spicy broth

Fun Fact:
In South Korea, this fusion food is a popular take-out meal. Sort of like what Americanized Chinese food is here, with urban neighborhoods having several corner shops to order from.

Passport Discount: 
When you’ve collected three or more stamps from different eateries, present your passport here to enjoy 10% off your purchase!

Arts and Culture Collaborations

5th & Olney Streetscape

Destination: Trinidad and Tobago

Gail’s Caribbean American Cuisine

5555 N 5th St


Aloo Pie – A soft, fried pastry made from flour and water, and filled with boiled, spiced and mashed potatoes. It’s similar to a samosa, “aloo” being the Hindi word for potato.

For Next Time:
“Doubles” – These are only served on Saturdays and tend to sell out fast! Doubles are a common street food sandwich made with two bara (flat fried bread) filled with channa (curried chick peas).

Passport Discount: 
When you’ve collected three or more stamps from different eateries, present your passport here to enjoy 10% off your purchase!

Notable Mention

Good Star Bakery

5523 N 5th Street

(215) 927-6716

Coconut buns- Soft, lightly sweet and golden brown buns filled with minced coconut filling.

For Next Time:
Hot dog buns – What’s more nostalgic and comforting than a pig in a blanket? Nothin, that’s what. They’re only 85¢ a piece and they’ll even warm them up for you. They don’t have ketchup or other condiments but not to worry, it’s good plain.Walnut cookies – Super crumbly and individually wrapped for the road.

Fun Fact:
This mom and pop Chinese bakery has been in business for over 20 years. Everything is made from scratch on site, including their made to order birthday cakes.

Community & Promotional Events

Creative Placemaking

Notable Mention

Papuseria Sabor Latino

5th & Lindley Avenue

(Food truck always parked in front of Incarnation Catholic Church)


Papusas – Corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and meat filling, grilled and topped with shredded cabbage and salsa.

Sidewalk Sale: 
If you happen to visit on a Saturday afternoon during the warm season you’ll find the food truck amid dozens of neighborhood sidewalk vendors selling everything from perfume to used VHS tapes.

Destination: Mexico

Los Tacos

5104 N 5th St

(215) 910-5788


Tacos – As the name of the business implies, this place specializes in delicious soft tortilla tacos.
Guacamole – Seriously the best guac in the city! Freshly made to order with hints of chopped onion and cilantro, yummmmm.

Private parties
Don’t judge this book by it’s cover. The restaurant has a stylish and spacious lounge and BYOB bar upstairs available for your next private party.

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When you’ve collected three or more stamps from different eateries, present your passport here to enjoy 10% off your purchase!

Cleaning Crew & Community Cleanups

Destination: Puebla, Mexico

El Trebol Bakery

5052 N 5th St


Fresh Fruit Juices and Tepache – They make an array of refreshing tropical fruit juices daily and tepache, which is a tangy fermented pineapple juice popular in Central Mexico.
Conche Bread – A classic Mexican pastry bread with a crumbly sugar crust and flavors of chocolate and strawberry.
Trebol Bread – A lightly sweet bread similar in taste and texture to challah bread.

Also on the Menu:
This bakery also serves up traditional Mexican platters with rice, beans, avocado, authentic Mexican cheese and your choice of protein. Their chorizo burritos mean business.

Fun Fact:
This bakery specializes in the food and baked goods from the Mexican state of Puebla (East-Central Mexico). The owners learned how to bake and cook from their Uncle, who is from Puebla, while they were all living in New York. This is their first bakery and all baked goods and food platters are made from scratch on site.

Passport Discount: 
When you’ve collected three or more stamps from different eateries, present your passport here to enjoy 20% off your purchase!

Notable Mention

La Caleñita Bakery & Cafe

5034 N 5th St


Pan de Bono – Crispy on the outside and doughy in the middle with a lightly sweet and cheesy taste. You’ll be addicted!
Coffee & Espresso – Delicious lattes and other espresso drinks are made to order.

Destination: Colombia

Colombian Bakery

4944 N 5th St


Pan de Bono – The Colombian Bakery’s pan de bono comes in a donut or ball shape. Order according to your crust vs. doughy center preferences.

Fruit & Cream Cheese Filled Puff Pastries- These pastries are super flaky on the outside and filled with a tangy sweet guava or pineapple filling and strip of soft cream cheese. Not big on cream cheese? They also have ones with only the fruit filling.

For next time:
Ham and Cheese Croissant – If you come early enough in the morning, try a breakfast croissant filled with cheese and ham or just cheese.

Passport Discount: 
When you’ve collected three or more stamps from different eateries, present your passport here to enjoy 20% off your purchase!

Parking Meters & Crosswalk

Notable Mention

Ribs R’ Us

4912 N 5th St

(215) 324-7427

BBQ Pork and Beef Ribs – These are hands down the best ribs in Philly. The meat is barrel smoked on site and perfectly coated in sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. Choose two sides to make it a platter.

Party Platters:
Make sure to order ahead of time for the next big game.

Notable Mention

Oteri’s Italian Bakery

4919 N 5th St


Sweets galore! Everything you can imagine. No, seriously.

As Seen on TV:
In 2014, this location of Oteri’s Bakery was featured on an episode of Cake Boss. The episode culminated in the renovation of the storefront and retail space into what you see here today.

Notable Mention

Philly Bread

5005 N 5th St


Call Ahead:
Philly Bread is a wholesale bakery but if you call ahead, they very well might have some super fresh bread for cash purchase. They love meeting their customers so don’t be shy.

Philly Muffin – A new take on the English Muffin, it’s naturally leavened, milled from whole grain wheat and delicious.

Where to buy:
Philly Bread’s products are sold at gourmet grocers such as DiBruno Bros and at food co-ops like Mariposa and the Weaver’s Way as well as farmers markets throughout the region. Check out phillybread.com for more info.

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